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Hotel Sole di Puglia is the perfect place for anyone wishing to enjoy the fantastic wonders of Puglia and Basilicata.

We will inform you of all the tourist routes of the Murgia with brochures and info. We have guided tours that anyone can booking. Santeramo in Colle has about 27,000 citizen and its territory is characterized by Murge, Woods and Matine.
His sights are the Cathedral of Sant'Erasmo "Patron saint of the country", the Sant' Erasmo event in June, the Parish of SS. Crucified Church of St Eligius, Palazzo Colonna, and Palazzo Marchesale.

Santeramo is just a few km away from the most famous and important tourist areas:

  • Matera: City of stones, Unesco heritage city of European Culture in 2019;

  • Alberobello: City of Trulli, Unesco heritage;

  • Altamura: Bread citiy, also famous for its cathedral, the "Pulo" and paleontological finds of global interest, the Man of Altamura and the quarry of the dinosaurs;

  • Gravina in Puglia: Headquarters of the Alta Murgia Park, Rock church of San Michele and caves, the Aqueduct Suspension Bridge Viaduct, Madonna of the star;

  • Polignano a Mare: Pearl of the Adriatic, a tourist destination for excellence in Puglia.

And to the delight of your children, you can have fun at the many tourist attractions such as:

Throughout the year, numerous events such as festivals, medieval festivals, historical re-enactments, music, art, and tradition.

You just have to book and enjoy the beauties of Apulia!


Santeramo is a fascinating hilltop town rising 500 metres above sea level - the highest town in the Province of Bari. Bordering the Province of Taranto and just a stone's throw away from Matera, the 2019 Capital of Culture, its strategic position has earned it the nickname Terra di Mezzo, the "middle ground".  At the heart of Santeramo lies its historic medieval town centre, a little-known jewel typical of the Murge plateau, where nature, history and culture come together in perfect harmony. Its prehistoric vases, coins, weapons and other treasures bear witness to its past as a port of call along the Roman Appian Way. It is also home to sites of major archaeological interest such as the Grotte Sant’Angelo (currently being restored) dating from the 11th century, whose walls are adorned with medieval frescoes and historical etchings of unrivalled beauty. Out of all of the echoes of the past that resonate through Santeramo, from the romantic "Chiesa del Carmine" to the tiny "Chiesa di Sant'Eligio", the one that stands out the most is the charming Benedictine monastery. Wandering around the old town's alleyways, it is impossible not to spot the house of the famous painter Francesco Netti, one of the most prominent 19th-century artists, and the 16th-century Palazzo Marchesale, an important local landmark that belonged to the noble Caracciolo family.

The lands of the Murge region are bountiful and the area is renowned for the quality of its dairy, oil, wine and bread products, which are still hand made in traditional wood-fired ovens.

For culture-seekers, Santeramo offers several must-see events including the feast of its patron, Saint Erasmus, on 2 June, a celebration of the town's history and culture that is packed full of folk customs such as a horse parade, illuminations, balloons, and fireworks. A number of festivals are also held regularly. There is the Murgiafest or "Ecofestival dell'Alta Murgia", a fair filled with a thousand appetising scents and flavours of "zero-kilometre" food. Then there is the singing festival featuring the voices of many talented artists. Each year, local associations take visitors on a magical Christmas journey through streets decorated with Christmas lights and nativity scenes, where the best food and craft products are available to buy. And of course there are plenty of traditional food festivals, not least the "Sagra della Carne Arrosto" (roast meat festival) that offer a unique sensory experience and genuine local flavours.

If you're after taste and tradition off the beaten track, you won't regret a visit to Santeramo!

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Capital of Culture 2019, Matera is unique. Unesco heritage site, Matera is a rich cultural journey that live outside of museums, churches and cathedrals. The discovery of the past, the city of ancient origins is rich in history: an open-air museum for the scenic beauty that the caves and natural ravines suggest. An original outdoor path and unusual in its exhibition concepts, rich in temporal contamination that testify to the life of ancient civilizations, with human settlements from the Paleolithic - rich in Neolithic tombs, cisterns to collect water and ceramic artifacts.



The fairytale landscape with gnarled trees, the rocks covered with moss and the trulli are part of the enchanting Itria Valley where stands Alberobello, one of the 51 Italian sites included in the UNESCO World Hernitage List. The trulli are stone buildings with conical roofs, and are rooted in prehistoric times, but the oldest date back to the fourteenth century. The buildings are still inhabited and have a somewhat unusual structure: are circular in shape built on the basis of natural stone masonry with lime.



Altamura is a town located inland Murgia, on the border with Basilicata and is considered one of the most populated places in the Puglia. The Frederick city, is perfect for those who want to come across in the wild, since it is considered to be the main attraction for lovers of hiking and sports. The center of the city is rich in history and memories, typically Roman character has a series of fascinating and charming alleys.




Gravina in Puglia is called the "Matera of Apulia" and is located a few kilometers from Santeramo in Colle. Even if not well known, it seems to marry the architectural landscape, whose union comes the reality of the animate and inanimate world, the varied shapes and sizes. Gravina, just as Matera, rises over the canyon and is characterized by karst caves, due to splitting of the ground.

polignano a mare



Uncontaminated natural paradise and breathtaking views: this is Polignano a Mare. One of the things to do in life is to visit this amazing town, with crystal clear sea that bathes its coasts and foams in the sea caves, considered among the most beautiful in Italy. It presents a colorful sea of innumerable expressions and colors that seem to ride the shape of the rugged coastline and the caves that line.

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